UNIFIED ENTERPRISES CORP believes in honesty, integrity and
policy describes how Unified Enterprises Corp's officers and all our
employees as well as our consultants, agents or other company
representatives (together our "Team") strive to (i) uphold the
highest personal and professional ethical standards in all aspects
of their activities, (ii) comply with all applicable laws, rules and
regulations, (iii) deter wrongdoing, and (iv) abide by other policies
and procedures adopted by Unified Enterprises Corp that govern
the conduct of its employees and directors.  This Code of Ethics
and Business Conduct (this "Code") is intended to supplement any
other policies and procedures adopted by Unified Enterprises Corp.

We are guided by the principle of going beyond just "doing things
right".  We aspire to "do the right thing" in all aspects of our
business.  To achieve this lofty goal we have established the
following five principles as the pillars upon which we have built our
company's Code:

INTEGRITY: to always be honest and forthright in our dealings; to
say what we mean, deliver what we promise and fulfil our

RESPECT: to treat others as we would want to be treated with
dignity and fairness and with the appreciation of the diversity of our
workforce and the uniqueness of each employee.

TRUST: to build confidence through teamwork and open, candid
communications in order to continue to provide our customers with
the high-value solutions to complex issues they expect from us.

QUALITY: to deliver the highest quality of goods and services we
can to our customers.

CITIZENSHIP: to obey all the laws of the United States and other
countries in which we do business and to strive to do our part to
make the communities in which we live and work better places.
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Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
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